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Playing the piano fast is similar to typing quickly. Through muscle memory the fingers just play faster and faster. Muscles throughout our body are made up of fast twitch and slow twitch type fibers. You can easily guess from the names that you would want more fast twitch fibers in your muscles so that you can move your fingers faster. If a muscle is made up of more fast twitch fibers over slow twitch ones then it will be able to move faster than one that is more equally balanced. Developing fast twitch fibers in our muscles is done through constant training of the muscles to move fast. We need to keep moving our fingers quickly while we are practising how to play piano faster. Remember to use a metronome to ensure that you are playing at a correct tempo. In most cases when we are playing the piano pieces very quickly, our tempo goes off a bit. A metronome can ensure that we are playing at the right tempo. You will need to stretch out your fingers before and after piano practise.

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My teacher was really surprised that I crossed my 1st grade just in 3 months because his other students took almost one and half year to complete. More…

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Once you know how to find middle C, you just play up from there to the next C: middle C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C. More…

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