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And consider a music program for next summer: they provide the opportunity to focus on music with lots of support, without having to juggle school at the same time. Our first suggestion is to ask yourself why a master’s in composition is something you’re considering. What is it you want to learn and what do you want to do with your training?What genres of music are you interested in studying?You might find the new article on goal setting “Jumpstart Your Career in Music” to be helpful. We don’t know which school you’re referring to that will offer an MA but most composition programs we’re familiar with on the master’s level offer an MM and require a strong background in music was well as a portfolio of a specific number of scores before they’ll consider you. We suggest you look at the websites of a number of schools to learn more –– you can start with the participating schools on MajoringInMusic. com. Have you also explored other ways to learn what it is you need to fill in the gaps in your knowledge and proficiency for what you want to do?Individual classes, summer programs, studying with a composer may all be worth considering before trying to dive into a master’s degree, in view of your prior training and number of years away from school. You’re smart to be asking these questions now while there’s still time to prepare for the applications and auditions that lie ahead. Yes you should know how to read music if you want to go to music school. Take a look at our article on sight reading to get an idea of what you need to do. You will also need to start getting a foundation in music theory so it’s not like learning a brand new language once you get to music school.

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Ok, so the first step may seem obvious, but it ’s an important one.

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Date Title Description
December 1, 2010 how to play piano in 10 easy lessons pdf Look at the keys you played—the white ones—and the keys you skipped—the black ones.
November 28, 2010 easy steps to learn how to play piano com about applying and auditioning for more ideas.
November 23, 2010 adia piano how to play chords piano When you sing the word OH play an F Chord with both hands.
November 21, 2010 learn to play piano man on guitar It takes lots of practise and hard work.

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Daily practice of thirty minutes is a good exercise for your fingers too. More…

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I focus primarily on jazz guitar and have participated in all state jazz ensembles, as well as multiple jazz camps. More…

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If you want learn piano and you want to do it from the comfort of you home then online piano lessons are for you. More…